The Unbelievable Cat Pack

As you might know, in early 2020, we (The Complication) decided it was time to start playing shows again after almost 2 years of being inactive.  We started rehearsing again and then BOOM - the pandemic hit and everything got shut down, gigs got cancelled, and our big plans to relaunch seemed pretty hopeless.

We weren't sure what to do, but we knew that at least we could stay active online.

We started our private Facebook group The Cat Pack a few years prior to 2020, but we weren't really doing much to keep our fans interested... the group was kind of dead for awhile.

So in 2020, we started getting a lot more active in The Cat Pack, and we started doing live streams.  More and more people joined the Cat Pack facebook group....

More and more people started making friends and getting to know each other through this group of like-minded fans of hard rock, and fans of our music.

Then as people in the group started sharing more about each other, members of the group started supporting each other with genuine comments giving some rock 'n' roll love to each other.

It's truly amazing what has happened since this group started becoming a living, breathing, entity... a warm place for people to hang out and to share who they are and what they're all about... giving and receiving support and "horns up" to each other... it's truly become a very cool rock 'n' roll family.

So, if YOU'RE already in The Cat Pack, please take some time to say hi to everyone and introduce yourself, if you have not yet done so!  You never know who you might see at a show when we're back out there on tour!

If you're not yet in the group, then join here - the password is ROADDOG!

We're all trying to get through this crazy time in the world together while we try to keep our heads on straight, keep smiling, and KEEP ROCKING!!  So feel free to share some rock 'n' roll cheer with the group or share something about your rock 'n' roll day and you might be surprised with how much love you get!!!

As a THANK YOU for being a part of our thriving community, you can get a free starter pack (you just pay for shipping & handling)!  2 big-ass bumper stickers, 2 custom guitar picks, a fridge magnet, and a signed, frameable postcard for the kickass "Get What You Give" artwork!

Feel free to grab your free (plus shipping) starter pack right now... you can do that right here!

A kickass THANKS to YOU for joining our community and making it stronger... please know that myself, Dave/Roaddog, and Flip are very grateful that The Cat Pack is our (yours and ours) healthy little rock 'n' roll haven on Facebook!


  • Emilio Betancourt
    Emilio Betancourt Lancaster Pa
    What is the pass code to get into the Facebook group

    What is the pass code to get into the Facebook group

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